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​It has been said by a smarter person than I, that if you give a man a fish he will eat for the day; but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Here at Phoenix Farms, we have adopted this old Chinese proverb as our Mission Statement. Although this may seem lazy, there is simply no better way to rewrite what has already been so clearly and eloquently stated. We teach those hungry to learn, so that they may find better ways to provide for themselves, their families and others.

The proverb goes so much further for us. Our farm is a growing and teaching farm, its existence born from the need to house, feed and love children that, for what ever reason no longer have access to these most basic of human needs. Children that live on the streets bereft of family or shelter or for that matter a regular meal; the Orphans. A large percentage of our Profit goes directly to Phoenix Children's Homes, Homes we are going to Build, Supply and Manage. 

Every child should have a chance to be a Phoenix. 

Sharing Knowledge & Experiences.

Come join our Journey as we Develop Phoenix Farms and Share our Experience.,

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All donations go directly towards developing Phoenix Farm and building our Orphanages. Thank You!

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